Spire Recovery Solutions, founded by Jacob Torriere and Joseph Torriere, is a nationally licensed debt collection agency working with creditors to recover account balances at all stages in the credit cycle. We are recognized by our clients as a leading service provider for first-party and third-party debt collection services. Our team has the experience, staff and technology to customize the experience that we provide for creditors.


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Spire Recovery Solutions offers clients full-service recovery solutions experience . We handle all aspects of the debt collection process while providing transparency and accuracy to our clients. Clients can access account information 24/7 through our secure online portal tied directly to our system of record. Our dedicated client services team customizes our processes to seamlessly integrate with each client as an extension of their business.



Our team has developed a custom application stack to optimize performance and ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations for the industry. Our state-of-the-art computer software is designed to work in conjunction with the personal touch that makes our team successful. Our system of record and communications applications are fully integrated to maximize the value of technology in our processes. All of our technology and systems are designed to support and equip our representatives to manage consumer accounts efficiently and effectively.

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Spire Recovery Solutions is built on great people. We provide professional career opportunities to our local community. By investing in our people with valuable training and professional development resources, we empower our team to compassionately and successfully help consumers reach amicable account resolutions.. Our training program helps to develop thoughtful and caring debt collectors that understand state and federal laws and regulations and have a passion for doing things right.


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